From Tiny Bamboo Radios to Bamboo Insects

 - Feb 28, 2010   Updated: Jul 25 2011
Pandas are going nuts over these badass bamboo finds. Bamboo is a wonderful material, it grows super fast, and it makes a tasty treat.

You will never go hungry, or homeless, with these badass bamboo finds. You may have to fight a panda over the right to view all of these tasty bamboo finds. Just saying, you've been warned.

Implications - The most beautiful of these badass bamboo finds has got to be the bamboo insects, which skilled artists have crafted out of the plant. Their resemblance to real praying mantises and other bugs is unparallel. I'm also partial to biodegradable enviro-clothing as I think it'll severely contribute to the reduction of carbon footprinting. And it's okay that it biodegrades, I buy new cloths on a regular basis.