From Enormous Baby Statues to Massive Anime Monuments

 - Oct 20, 2012
Sizable statues are more than just works of art, they are landmarks and wonders. The most famous of these is probably the Statue of Liberty, but there are many more that are lesser known. They range from classic statues of people to giant killer anime robot statues. Whether they are of the new age or old, these statues draw the attention of visitors wherever they may be.

Structures like these add to the character of a city. Many are found in popular public parks and squares, while others sit near the harbor to greet visitors who arrive by sea. The sheer scale of these sizable statues makes you consider how small we all are, but also how much we are capable of by working together.Grab your telescopic lens camera so you can get a close look at the top of these wondrous monuments.