- Jun 16, 2010   Updated: Apr 2 2011
There's no denying that sex sells; whether it's for fashion or fast food -- no one can resist the temptation. Magazines have especially been notorious for sexy editorials and for most of the time they have all been tasteful.

It's time to focus on some of the sexiest editorials, from boudoir fieldtography to dirty laundry spreads.

Implications - Mainstream culture is fixated on sensuality and scandal; these two themes collide in the fashion industry to create eye-catching campaigns and editorials that grab viewers' attention. To take advantage of this niche without being trashy, photographers and creatives must infuse elements of surprise, whimsy and classic beauty into the standard visions of scantily clad models.

From Forbidden Fruit Photoshoots to Sultry Baring Sweatorials: