- Sep 29, 2018
These September 2018 social good innovations range from empowering online entertainment platforms to feminist fast food ads. Standouts in the world of marketing include Burger King's Chick Tax commercial which confronts a common issue most women face -- the reality of "42% of women's products being more expensive than men's products."

Other notable examples include 'Ivory Lane,' WWF Singapore's unique fictional e-shop which was launched to raise awareness about the cruel practice. The shop featured a variety of fictional ivory products that were beautifully branded, causing discussion, backlash and even positive comments from a rare few. The bold publicity stunt brought attention to the ongoing ivory trade which continues to take elephant lives despite of the many laws put in place to stop it.

Visually impaired grocery aids and mental wellness pop-ups round off this list and speak to major brands' growing focus on inclusive and authentic marketing.

From Empowering Blog Networks to Feminist Fast Food Ads: