Coca-Cola Celebrates Pride with That 'Coke is a Fanta'

 - Aug 21, 2018
References: coca-colacompany & hornet
Essa Coca é Fanta (or 'That Coke is a Fanta' in English) is a Portuguese expression that is commonly used in Brazil to communicate homophobia. Through its global standing and the popularity of its product, Coca-Cola seeks to elevate the negative connotation behind the expression and re-direct it as something to be proud of.

Thus, during the 2018 Pride festivities in Brazil, Coca-Cola produced cans of Coke and filled them with orange Fanta. The symbolic value here is apparent and the approach to marketing is quite refreshing. The limited edition vessels were launched in the beverage company's traditional style and on the side, the words 'Essa Coca-Cola é Fanta — e dai?' ( 'That Coke is a Fanta — so what?') stand out. This project is successful in ultimately liberating the harmful idiom and giving it a lighthearted edge that advocates for acceptance and inclusivity.