From Trampoline Bed Exhibits to Chocolate Tyrannosaurus Rexes

 - Sep 28, 2017
Though most people immediately think of Juan Ponce de Leon, the turn of the 16th century Spanish explorer, when they talk about youth, the September 2017 youth trends reveal a far broader set of concepts. The youth today are creative, engaged, and well informed, and the products and ideas targeted towards them reflect those qualities.

Kids and teens are far more immersed in the digital ecosystem than their older counterparts, and there are many products devoted to making that second life safer. 'Shine', for example, is a new texting service that lets kids address any anxieties they have about going back to school through a medium with which they're more comfortable. Tbh is another app that lets users hand out anonymous compliments to one another, helping to boost kids' self-esteem.