'Ears On' Provides Children in Need with Recycled Hearing Aids

 - Aug 9, 2017
References: facebook & radio.wosu.org
Ears On is a non-profit that's aiming to alleviate the financial burden of hearing aids for children in need. The highly effective communicative-enhancing devices have re-defined experiences for those with hearing impairments, however, their costly price tag can be both alienating and strenuous on families -- especially when considering children with rapidly growing ears who have to be tested and fitted for a new hearing aid every six months. In addition, the costly devices are not covered by most insurance companies, leaving families with the heavy financial burden.

To address this issue, 'Ears On' is recycling hearing aids from children who have grown out of, or are no longer in need of a hearing aid. The re-used aids are reset to factory settings, and given to anthologists to be distributed to those in need.