From Charitable Wedding Gifts to Digital Dating Simulators

 - Sep 29, 2017
These September 2017 romance trends cover a wide range of products and services that are geared towards finding or celebrating love in some aspect.

An example of the former in the in-app live video chat feature that was recently added by 'Badoo,' a popular dating service that's based in Soho, London. With the live video chat feature, users can get a better feel of the person that they're interested in, so that they can see if taking the time to meet in person will be in their best interest. In addition to giving users a more natural medium to chat through, the feature helps to prevent catfishing. In order to prevent the feature from being abused, Badoo only makes it available between those who've previously exchanged messages.

Also included in these September 2017 romance trends are the spin class wedding gifts that are available through Zola. As SoulCycle classes have become a popular method of reaching one's fitness goals among Millennials, the ability to gift them to avid spinners makes it easy for friends and family to offer something that couples will truly appreciate.