From Selfie-Taking Seniors to Canine Selfie Ads

 - Dec 16, 2013
This year the phenomenon of taking "selfie" photos has become worthy of being named Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year for 2013. Selfies can range from the innocent-enough to the provocative and just plain weird.

As it seems some people have yet to learn, whatever’s in the background of a photo is just as important as whatever face you’re making in it. Some perfect examples of this include "selfies at funerals," as well as any of the posts curated in the Tumblr blog ’Selfies at Serious Places.’

But for as many cringe-worthy selfies there are in the world, there are movements like the "unselfie," which shows photos of people with paper covering their faces, detailing where people can donate money to countries like the Philippines that have been hit with a natural disaster. As much as you may roll your eyes at people taking selfies, it’s nice to know that of the hundreds that are uploaded each minute, there are some out there that are taken for more purposes than just vanity.