This Fake Instafeed is in Honor of the Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi

 - Oct 8, 2013
References: buzzfeed
To celebrate what would have been the 144th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, Buzzfeed created images to support what the non-violent leader's Instagram feed would look like. The peaceful protesting political icon would have celebrated his birthday on October 2nd, earlier this week.

The fake instagram pictures depict a variety of important historical events, including his fasting and meeting with important figures. In true social media fashion, humorous hashtags are included. It appears Gandhi would have observed Instatrends like selfies and Throw Back Thursday. The vast majority of photos are in black in white, which might have to do with the technology at the time when we has alive, or shows a preference for Willow and Inkwell filters.

In honor of the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, it's worth considering ways we can all be the change we wish to see in the world.