- Sep 19, 2009   Updated: Apr 14 2011
Forget fairytales—these scarytales won’t lull you peacefully to sleep. From fairytale homicides to twisted takes on traditional fairytales, Walt Disney’s positive spin on Grimm tales has taken a subversive turn for the macabre.

Click through the slideshow below to read about these and more terrifying scarytales.

Implications - Putting unconventional twists on memorable innovations from their childhood appeals to consumers on an emotional level. Once upon a time, these fairytales were the way a child learned about the world--now that these children have grown up, some of the morals of these stories have proven true, while some have not. Strange twists on fairytales give the adult consumer a look into reality that still maintains fantasy.

Frightening Fairytales That Defy Disney Positivity: