'Black Alice' is a Dark Twist on the Magic of Wonderland

 - Aug 25, 2009
References: behance.net & behance.net
'Alice in Wonderland' was already a rather twisted story to begin with, but the ‘Black Alice’ collection by Gisela Moscardini blows that right out of the water.

Gisela Moscardini's ‘Black Alice’ collection takes the classic story and puts a mature/morbid taste to it with powerful imagery through character representation as well as the occurrences within the photographs. Alice is physically tied up in more than one, and the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts just come off as creepy.

Gisela Moscardini's ‘Black Alice’ is a very interesting and adult-oriented (by that I mean don’t show children) interpretation of this iconic tale into a fantasy world.