From Complexion-Matched Makeup to Gagafied Lip Gloss Lines

 - Aug 21, 2012
These MAC cosmetics innovations show how adaptable this makeup company really is. Collaborating with a slew of superstars and often creating excellent publicity, this company knows what it's doing and remains competitive as a result.

The sleek design of MAC stores makes shopping there a luxurious experience, and its careful and sleek branding has set it apart from hoards of overly girlie competitors. Whether you use the company's products or not, there's no doubt that most people have heard of the brand. Some of the most famous collaborations MAC has taken part of include stints with Lady Gaga as well as a line that focused around fictitious comic book characters Veronica and Betty, proving that the brand really has no limits.

Sure to keep leading the cosmetics world for years to come, MAC is at the top of its game.