A Reminder of the Rogers Cup Happening August 2013

 - Aug 10, 2013
With the Rogers Cup happening in August 2013, tennis fans are evermore in the tennis spirit. This list of professional photoshoots pay tribute to the theme of tennis -- each contains at least one tennis racket, ball or net.

Not surprisingly, tennis players have been the focus of many photoshoots exuding a passionate aura. An editorial for the New York Times, titled 'Women Who Hit Hard,' drew spotlight on tennis greats. Sweat and muscles were accentuated, especially those captured in the midst of swinging.

Meanwhile, other photographs are solely focused on tennis equipment. Using tennis balls and rackets and their shadows, London-based photographer Kelvin Murray shot award-winning stills of nothing but sports equipment. The tennis racket casts an interesting shadow because of its net, and this was distorted to cause an even more intriguing effect.