The 'Hippie Hippie Chic' Editorial Celebrates the Romantic Hippie Era

In its vibrant new editorial, How To Spend It Magazine celebrates the strength and romanticism of the iconic hippie era. Each ensemble on display throughout the editorial features bright colors, flowing fabrics and a lot of whimsicality.

Model Anouk Torsing carries each outfit perfect. With her pale, angular features and strong gaze, she complements her ensemble's eye-catching patterns.

While all of the looks featured in this editorial are fun, there is one outfit in particular that cannot possibly be forgotten. It consists of a ballooning purple skirt, a green tweed jacket, a chunky emerald necklace and a mint-green tennis visor. It's the mismatch of the different pieces that makes this ensemble particularly interesting. While each article clashes against the next, they somehow work together to create a laissez-faire atmosphere. With outfits like this, 'Hippie Hippie Chic' captures the carefree mentality of the hippie movement with the utmost authenticity.