From Sun-Seeking Appvertising to Metro Map Glasses

 - Jun 15, 2012
These revolutionary Ray-Ban innovations exemplify why this brand is leading the way in iconic eyewear. Undeniably popular and endlessly cool, Ray-Ban has managed to maintain its credibility throughout many decades.

From classic wayfarers to distinct aviators, Ray-Ban produces the originals of many dominating sunglass styles. Popular for good reason, the brand manages its success with both a high-quality product and a knack for understated, but eye-catching advertising. Often verging on the weird side but never alienating its audience, Ray-Ban has a carefully crafted image that has elevated the brand to cult-like status. Appealing to everyone from parents to children, the company makes products that have practically become a staple in terms of eyewear.

Sure to maintain its street credibility for many more years, this is a company rightly confident in every move it makes.