The Pin Art Portraits by Philip Karlberg are Full of Personality

 - May 15, 2012
References: minkmgmt & huhmagazine
These Pin Art Portraits by Philip Karlberg are a unique representation of famous pop culture celebrities and their respective styles. This photograph collection for Plaza Magazine were created using the combination of clever lighting and carefully positioned wooden pins. Up close, these photographs seem like random wooden pegs stuck into a wall, but alas, they are the faces of celebs like Johnny Depp, Lady Gaga, Elvis and Karl Lagerfeld. The likeness of each pin portrait to its subject is uncanny and showcases the creative genius that Karlberg is.

Each of these famous faces are wearing various styles of shades from Ray Bans or cat eyes to aviators and harry potter-esque sunnies. Each of the six famous pin-structured faces took approximately one week for Philip Karlberg to shoot. These fantastic pin art portraits took around 1,200 wooden sticks each to construct.