From Peculiar Chilled Desserts to Therapeutic Frozen Yogurt

 - Jun 22, 2011
Today marks the official first day of the summer season, and what better way to prepare than with a collection of 45 summer treat selections? This collection of warm-weather friendly treats, desserts, beverages and appliances will make staying cool this summer a breeze!

Whether you're looking for a standard bowl of delicious ice cream, a 2600 calorie-loaded milkshake, coffee-flavored frozen treats or a Baywatch icon-shaped Popsicle, one of these refreshing summer treat selections is perfect for you.

Beating the heat this time of the year does not require breaking a sweat. Individuals can keep cool with a variety of eccentric and delicious frozen snacks. There are also plenty of tools to avoid the summer sizzle including glasses and shot glasses made from ice as well self-serve milkshake machines! Take a dip in something tasty this season with these refreshing summer sweet selections!