MilkMade Delivers its High-End Ice Cream Right to Your Door

We all know the feeling, that steadfast craving for a bowl of ice cream mixed with the sluggish passiveness of a hard day’s work. Translation: you want sweets but are too lazy to leave the house. MilkMade, one of New York City’s "high-end" ice cream companies (organic, seasonal, and handmade are the ingredients of high-end ice cream), will actually deliver ice cream right to your doorstep. But you have to be a subscriber.

The good news is that it only costs $10 to be a subscriber. And, as a subscriber, you get to submit flavor ideas (because as of now, the company only has five seasonal flavors to choose from). The best flavor idea they’ve received so far, says Diana Hardeman, one of the founders of MilkMade, is "pretzel root-beer float." Yum!