From Digital Tile Time-Trackers to Toppling Video Game Montages

 - Jun 25, 2012
These quirky domino innovations take the classic family game, and turn it into a new and fresh creation. These remixes range from domino-like furniture to game playing lights that illuminate the dominoes while playing in the dark.

Dominoes is a competitive game that dates back to centuries ago, and is played at a professional level. The game is similar to a card game except the cards are replaced to numbered tiles. "Domino" means a rectangle that connects to two matching squares from one edge to the other. The word "domino" can be replaced by bones, cards, stones, tickets and each side of the domino is marked with a specific number of spots.

Dominoes have been used in a variety of art designs, and are carefully aligned to fall in a certain direction. These unique domino creations show how you can take a standard game and integrate it in a variety of ways.