The Max Croc 'Nhac' Campaign Markets Unstoppable Munching

 - Jun 2, 2011
References: facebook & adsoftheworld
Just in case you're not Brazilian, the repeated script within the Max Croc 'Nhac' campaign translates roughly to the word "chomp." The eating-derived onomatopoeia is used in these ads to describe the action and sound associated with devouring these Seara snacks.

Four separate prints feature four different renderings of the same word, executed in matches, cards, bubble wrap and dominoes. The main idea behind using such precarious pieces in the ads' typography is to communicate a sense of impending action. The matchsticks can be lit aflame, the cards can tumble and the dominoes may fall bringing all others down too. The tagline of the Max Croc 'Nhac' campaign by the Africa advertising agency reads "unstoppably delicious," and perhaps even fire isn't enough to keep you from chowing down.