Flippycat Collapses 59,400-Piece Domino Wall

 - May 18, 2012
References: neatorama & geekologie
YouTube alias Flippycat collapses a 60,000-piece domino wall for a live-art performance. This destructive performance was captured on a time-lapse video that shows the beloved play pieces crumbling in a cascade of colors. The collapsed structure was comprised of 60 walls, each just shy of 1,000 pieces, totaling 59,400 domino pieces. The walls took 65 hours to create spanning over an eight-day period and were knocked down in a mere 55 seconds.

Flippycat is well known for making domino structures and demonstrates the beauty in destruction. This demonstration makes the highest domino count to date. After all the walls are completed, the destruction of them is still, ironically, the best part.

The aftermath of the collapsed construction is a beautiful array of rainbow colors spread across the floor.