This Domino's Pizza Campaign Connects You to Your Food

 - Sep 2, 2011
References: & adsoftheworld
Every action has a sequence of reactions, and in the case of this Domino's Pizza campaign, the events that follow your request for an order are spelled out here quite explicitly.

"Guaranteed delivery" is the message that these two prints wish to convey, communicated candidly through the use of dominos pieces. Instead, however, of using the conventional dotted tile toys, ones with icons give these ads more meaning.

The Inbrax advertising agency of Chile applied telephones, pizza slices, biking delivery boys, houses and terrible weather to chronicle the series of activities that connect a simple phone call to a hot flatbread arriving at one's door. Despite the evident obstacles depicted along the way, this Domino's Pizza campaign illustrates an unbroken chain of the symbolic items which demonstrate the dedication of the meal distribution service.