Domino Lamps by Grenkol Are An Alternative to Candlelight

 - Feb 19, 2010
References: etsy & design-milk
I have no idea how to play dominoes; all I know is that it's fun to set them up in elaborate configurations and then flick a finger and watch them get knocked down in successive order. Domino Lamps by Brooklyn-based furniture company Grenkol plays on this classic game.

You won't want to be stacking and then knocking over these industrial yet elegant light fixtures. The Domino Lamps are offered in three varieties, with one, two or four protruding 15 watt incandescent bulbs. Domino Lamps create wonderful atmospheric lighting that is similar to candlelight and provides a beautiful ambiance.

Made to order with a two-week production lead time, these Domino Lamps retail for $125-$190.