From Dapper Doggy Dress-Ups to Petite Pooches

 - Nov 24, 2012
Who can resist an adorable puppy portrait?

Pets are man's best friends and often considered members of families. Portraits are a great way to capture our furry friends, and the photo-ops can show the dogs in a funny light or make a social critique about animal adoption. The pups range in age, body shape and persona. People can dress their pets up, change their hair, alter their settings and even draw them to show their true essence. Often, the little cuties are dressed up as humans to be comical or show uncanny resemblances. A common idea is that pets are reflections of their owners in physical appearance and personality. These shots can capture these memories and immortalize them forever.

Puppy portraits are heart-warming, endearing and provide anyone with a tingly feeling inside.