From Michael Jackson Ink to Hello Kitty Body Mods

 - Jul 19, 2009   Updated: Jun 16 2011
The wave of tattoos that emerged after Michael Jackson's death got me thinking about the plethora of pop culture tattoos we've featured at This slideshow aims to showcase some of the best from this bunch, from tattoos that depict Hello Kitty as Darth Vader to Will Ferrell from "Elf."

Click through the slideshow to see these pop culture tattoos and more--including the aforementioned Michael Jackson tattoos.

Implications - Tattoo art is an undying and growing art form. Where it was once perceived as a taboo form exclusively for miscreants and deviants, it is now seen as one of the most acceptable forms of self expression. As a result, the variety of tattoos available is expanding rapidly to reflect a broader range of personal styles and interests. From pop culture tattoo-inspired by song lyrics, fictional characters and icons to patriotic ones, the range of options is infinite.