From $5,000 Broth to Modern Recession Recipes

 - May 12, 2012
These peculiar savory soups bring novel approaches to hot liquid eats. Foodies have long favored the warm taste of tomato, cream and corn purees, but few have thought of drastically different concepts, merging marketing campaigns and even video games with authentic ingredients.

Chefs and meal time enthusiasts have revolutionized combinations of stews and gazpachos, bringing fresh flavors to the table. Health-conscious individuals following strict diets have stood by these creations as they are frequently low in fat, and can thus be highly nutritious alternatives. These mixtures are also economically sound, allowing large and small families to throw together tasty pots with minimal investment.

$5,000 broth and modern recession recipes demonstrate just how far this edible niche has gone. Viral culinary blogs have facilitated this growth, allowing online readers to replicate the cooking techniques from home.