Budget-Friendly Ways to Beat Hunger

 - Apr 25, 2009
References: food.ivillage
In a recession, people tend to try to cut costs on nearly everything--including daily meals. But does a tightened budget mean that we have to torture ourselves by eating the same noodle soup or go-to budget meal every day?

iVillage has listed four recipes to seek the perfect balance between our purses and our stomachs.

Even costly Japanese cuisine can turn into an affordable family potluck. The recipe for poached salmon with rice noodles and lemongrass broth costs around $27 dollars. Still too expensive? Just replace salmon with sea bass, halibut or even tilapia.

If you are crazy about Asian food, there's also Indonesian chicken with coconut fried rice. The rice itself fills your hunger, so you don’t have to prepare any additional food other than a light dessert.

What are your favorite things to prepare when times are tough?