From Charlie Brown Jeans to Snoopy Headphones

 - Dec 21, 2012
Who is your favorite Peanuts character? Is it the main man Charlie Brown or his sidekick Snoopy? What about Linus and his blanket?

The now-iconic comic strip has been around since 1950 when Charles M. Schulz first wrote and illustrated the adventurous stories featuring a group of children and one smart dog. Since then, the comic has been syndicated all over the world and become the type of cultural staple that comes back around every year near the holidays. A Charlie Brown Christmas is aired annually and Peanuts continues to appear in daily newspapers to this day.

If Snoopy is your favorite Peanuts character, you can find a plethora of merchandise to suit you, from Snoopy headphones to t-shirts. The cast of Peanuts have also been remixed and combined with other aesthetics over the years, giving Charlie Brown and his friends more than one transformation.