- Aug 20, 2011
If you've ever wished you were born in the era when life was all about loving one another and living out of vans, these peace-loving hippie fashions will offer the closest way of that coming true.

A thing or two can be learned from these looks; live life and be happy. From florals to feathers, the fashions featured retain their signature look while being updated for a modern wardrobe.

Let your inner idealist shine through and run free with inspiration from these peace-loving hippie fashions.

Implications - Consumers with hectic lifestyles look for a sense of relief from their products. Everyday designs that promote tranquil living appeal to those who can't afford to take time off. Companies attempting to increase their relevancy on the market could adopt a more laid-back attitude when creating their items.

From Florals to Feathers, These Looks are Fabulously Free-Flowing: