From Newspaper Couture to Origami Inspired Garments

 - Feb 12, 2013
These paper-made fashions transform the versatile material, making it both a modern and edgy choice for risk-taking designers.

Whether showcased on the international runway stage or in fashion's top printed publications, these eco-friendly fashion finds merge aesthetics with socially responsible design ideals. Top fashion designers are becoming more and more ecologically responsible and are replacing their previously used synthetic materials and toxic coloring agents with raw cottons, natural silks and reclaimed textiles seldom seen before.

Origami inspired fashions, magazine made formalwear and newspaper couture are just some of the intricately constructed fashions made from paper materials. These elegant garments are both unexpected and unconventional as they transform a variety of paper pieces into wearable and interesting clothing pieces. These paper-made fashions are a bold way to practice eco-friendly design while encouraging creativity.