Sabrina Transiskus Uses Paper for Couture Designers Campaigns

 - Nov 11, 2011
References: thierrykauffmann &
In a world of genius creations and splendid textiles, paper found a way to beautifully manifest thanks to designer and styliist Sabrina Transiskus. She collaborates for mayor fashion houses and multinational corporations to create exclusive paper work sets that complement their marketing campaigns and clothing exhibitions.

Transiskus’s portfolio includes works for companies like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Lancome and Audi. She produces everything from large paper sculptures to little figures—she works magic with the eco-friendly material. Shoes, purses, perfume containers and flowers enhance the advertising editorial campaigns of her clients. She also designs gorgeous props and displays to promote all sorts of products.

The mesmerizing papercraft by Sabrina Transiskus is jaw-dropping, and it also represents a new way to attract customers while contributing to the environment in a fashionable and lovely manner.