Photographer Kirsty Mitchell Creates a Magical World of Intrigue

Photographer Kirsty Mitchell wows with her majestic and whimsical pictures portraying mother nature.

The photographer, who is known for her enchanting images, continues to impress with her newest photos, which are part of her ongoing Wonderland series. The two captures, entitled The Ghost Swift and The Journey Home, feature a woman covered in paper butterflies in one and a woman coated in yellow leaves in the other. The former images features muted coloring, which is contrasted with pops of brilliant color. The latter picture depicts a woman cloaked with leaves as she is seen solemnly walking down a path through the forest. The choice of color was very important to the photographer as she explains, "the color yellow was vital to my plan, and is highly significant to the story and the ending of the series… I know I am finally on the path to completion."

These stunning images by photographer Kirsty Mitchell was diligently and carefully shot and created a setting, which is very reminiscent of mother nature and symbolic of different seasons.