From Superfood Smoothie Pouches to Protein Pancake Mixes

 - Sep 8, 2015
These on-the-go breakfast innovations range from savory yogurt cups to pre-made smoothie pouches that are convenient and mess-free. In addition to superfood-infused energy bars and nutritious smoothie blends, other favorites include traditional breakfast dishes that are given a healthy overhaul.

Thanks to the rising popularity of plant-based proteins, these powdered supplements are not only used in morning drinks but are also becoming a breakfast cooking essential -- the Flapjacked pancake mix is a protein-enriched product that makes indulging guilt-free for those looking to stay fit.

Furthermore, products like exotic porridges, gluten-free cereal blends and detoxifying skincare powders -- added to one's healthy morning breakfast -- are each also gaining notoriety. These examples appeal to foodies who are looking for a rewarding morning experience that isn't always achieved with the classic North American breakfast.