From Modular Standing Desks to Floor-Embedded Bedroom Units

 - Oct 12, 2015
These October 2015 furniture trends range from modular standing desks to floor-embedded bedroom units that marry style with practicality. In addition to being ideal for a compact square footage, this month's furniture examples are surprisingly artful. In addition to modular sofas that draw inspiration from nature -- Fredrikson Stallard's couch design is inspired by organic stone formations -- the month's winning examples also include retro picnic tables that are collapsible, multi-functional and intended for indoor use.

In addition to pieces that are designed for urban dwellers and small spaces, these October 2015 furniture products also include sustainable creations that are artistic and eco-friendly. From recycled side tables that are made from discarded waste to seats that boast a raw tree trunk construction, these examples fuse bold aesthetics and material choices with smart and contemporary design details.