This Table is Modular and Can Adjust to a User's Preference

 - Sep 26, 2015
References: yingchang &
London-based designer Ying Chang has created modular grid tables that can be an innovative and creative alternative to traditional desks.

The design is rather simple and has a metal base frame that holds up mesh boxes. Translucent volumes can also be altered and rotated into different arrangements depending on the user's preference. The set also comes with colorful boxes that can act as dividers or drawers depending on how much storage space or separation a user may need. The number of boxes can also vary from using all at once, to only a few.

The unique modular design can even create distinct bookcase-like storage solution if built upwards instead of like a desk. The most important feature however would be that the desk is easily modifiable, and can be used for a variety of purposes.