- Nov 26, 2017
The top November 2017 customization ideas express the many ways in which artificial intelligence, 3D printing and other technologies are being used to enhance consumers' relationships with products and services. Consumers are now expecting to see customizable features in everything from their daily attire to the breakfast food packaging that they purchase.

Although many consumers are in the habit of working customized beverages into their daily routines, Mitte is revolutionizing the concept with its at-home water system, which purifies and enriches water with custom mineral blends. This speaks to a new opportunity in the realm of home appliances, especially when it comes to single-serve dispensers.

Kids are being introduced to personalized products from a very early age with storybooks that can be customized to include their likeness or details about the family pet.

From Personalized Pet Storybooks to Printed Optical Lenses: