From Palliative Pharmacy Apps to Frightful VR Coasters

 - Nov 27, 2016
From app-based experiences that help patients mitigate pain to roller coasters that offers a multisensory experience, the November 2016 VR trends reveal a that new technology can serve both functional and entertainment purposes.

While many people think of gaming when they think of VR, the technology actually has a wide range of purposes. One example of how VR is being used to improve healthcare is the Happy Place app, which uses virtual experiences to distract patients from whatever is causing them pain or discomfort. Another example is a VR tool developed by Research UK, which helps caregivers understand what patients with dementia experience on a daily basis.

Of course, VR does have many entertaining applications as well. Indeed, the November 2016 VR trends reveal that in addition to gaming, VR is being used to add a more immersive element to a number of existing experiences. Some examples of these entertaining VR applications include cartoon sitcom VR experiences, terrifying VR theater shows and frightful VR coasters.