The New Rage of the Gargoyles VR Coaster is Designed to Terrify Riders

While theme parks have always used Halloween as an opportunity to offer unique experiences, this year Six Flags St. Louis is kicking things up a notch with its terrifying VR experience dubbed 'Rage of the Gargoyles.'

According to the press release, Rage of the Gargoyles VR is "the world's first fully-integrated Virtual Reality gaming coaster experience featuring Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus." Before boarding the Ninja roller coaster, riders will don Samsung Gear VR headsets. The headsets will allow them to fly Apache-style helicopters amidst a sky filled with winged monsters and blood-thirsty gargoyles. The immersive imagery is also synced with the coasters movements to provide a truly heart-pounding experience.

The new Rage of the Gargoyles VR experience demonstrates how theme parks such as Six Flags can use new technology to transform existing rides for special events such as Halloween.