'The Body VR' is an Educational Trip Through the Human Body

 - Oct 4, 2016
References: store.steampowered & thenextweb
Generations of children have been awed by the idea of shrinking oneself down and exploring the interior of the human body, with cartoons like 'Osmosis Jones,' 'The Magic School Bus,' and 'Rugrats' only propagating that, but 'The Body VR' makes it more achievable than ever. The VR experience takes consumers on a journey through the human body, letting them experience it in an immersive way.

Though The Body VR is designed to be an educational experience, it is somewhat graphic in nature, making it primarily an experience for older students (rather than the kids who might watch the programs mentioned above.) Further, the lessons in The Body VR are somewhat technical, expounding on the mechanics of things like cell makeup and how viruses function.