'City VR' Makes Users Feel Like Giants Roaming Tiny Famous Cities

 - Oct 4, 2016
References: store.steampowered & digitaltrends
The Silicon Valley-based virtual reality studio Amber Garage has just unveiled 'City VR,' a VR experience that makes virtually roaming a city as easy as taking a few steps.

For fans of old Japanese monster movies, the idea of running around a city as a giant may hold some appeal. City VR manages to produce that feeling for consumers with the use of the HTV Vive VR headset. The City VR experience is adaptable, however, allowing users to wander cities in any size that they wish. In other words, they can spend some time as a giant, some time as a flea, and some time in normal, human size.

The program, which is available from the Steam store, currently only features San Francisco but Amber Garage plans to add New York and Chicago in the near future.