- Jul 8, 2014
Now that famed author JK Rowling has posted a new Harry Potter story on Pottermore, there is sure to be an outpouring of magical products for muggle use. The short story is released 7 years after the last book came out and is sure to have the entire internet and Harry fandom losing their minds. Written by Rita Skeeter for the Daily Prophet, the new Harry Potter story reports on a 34 year old Harry and his family at the current Quidditch World Cup.

These Harry Potter themed products are definitely worth revisiting given the correlated upsurge in the wizard's popularity. Whether you are looking for products directly related to the books (like a divination omen teacup or felix felicis flask) or movie themed apparel, there is no shortage of options. Other products only appear magical in nature, such as inferi-inspired submerged hand coffee cups.

JK Rowling Posted a Brand New Harry Potter Story on Pottermore.com: