Scientists Created an Invisibility Cloak Right Out of Harry Potter

 - Mar 26, 2013
References: & mashable
The lines between magic and science are starting to get blurry, especially with the news that a group of scientists have created true life invisibility cloaks. Don't get all excited and figure that you'll be going on Harry Potter-like adventures to stop Voldemort through the halls of Hogwarts just yet, but these invisibility cloaks do exist, and they work.

Invisibility cloaks have been in the works for a while, but most models are very bulky and make the users more translucent than fully transparent. However, Researchers at the University of Texas in Austin have found a way to make the 'metascreen' materials incredibly thin.

Without getting too tech-y, these invisibility cloaks can absorb microwaves to shield whatever is under the cloth from certain wavelengths. To make an optical invisibility cloak, it would a somewhat straight forward process of adjusting the cloth to absorb wavelengths in the visible spectrum instead of the microwave spectra it's currently calibrated for now.