These Pop Culture Paper Portraits Include Disney Classics

 - Jun 3, 2013
References: britsketch.blogspot & oculoid
Talented artist Brittney Lee uses paper to create portraits of Disney classics and other cartoon characters. When someone says paper art, origami definitely comes to mind, but these incredible pop culture portraits go way beyond that.

Some of the beloved Disney movies depicted in Lee’s art include The Lion King and The Little Mermaid. Other popular movies portrayed with paper include Edward Scissorhands and Harry Potter. These fantastic paper portraits are extremely vibrant and fun.

One of Lee’s cartoonish paper portraits depicts an underwater beer party. There is a flipper-toting couple in the middle of the picture sipping pink champagne and a group of lively jellyfish drinking beer off to the side. Another of Lee’s non-movie based art works is made to look like an ultra girly queen of hearts card. This cute paper creation is made from bright pinks and reds.

From paper Disney classics to funky underwater art, Brittney Lee’s paper portraits are definitely eye-catching and sweet.