Multicolored Cuisine Adds Extra Fun to the Plate

 - Feb 6, 2013
The rainbow is recognized as a symbol of happiness and unity across the world, so incorporating it into multicolored cuisine will add an element of whimsy to any plate. Ranging from rainbow-colored cakes to kaleidoscopic cereal and even prismatic booze, crazy-hued eats are anything but run-of-the-mill.

What's best about multicolored cuisines is how surprisingly easy most of it is to achieve. A bit of food coloring and a touch of imagination goes a very long way. For instance, the prismatic pastries are not nearly as complicated to make as they seem: simply make a vanilla layer cake and add different-colored food coloring to each of the confection's levels.

A surefire way to please any party crowd, multicolored cuisine lets even the least experienced of chefs show a bit of creativity in the kitchen.