From Modern Survival Kits to Heartbreak-Healing Systems

 - May 24, 2013
In 2013, your modern survival kits look nothing like they used to; in fact, many of them don't necessarily represent things that would be in dire demand during an emergency. Many of these unconventional kits, in fact, are born from a desire to solve some sort of "first world problem."

From New York Fashion Week survival kits to hangover-healing systems, these kits won't necessarily keep you alive in a life-or-death situation, but they will help preserve the comfort of many. They exist as a way to push convenience and help consumers view solutions to their problems in a much more streamlined, holistic way. Though these oddball system packs may not help you find the few edible herbs in an abandoned forest, they will ensure your manicure is intact while scrimmaging -- isn't that what really matters, after all?