The ‘7 Necessities’ Exhibition Creates a Survival Kit

The ‘7 Necessities’ art display exhibited at Design Miami 2012 showcases everything jewelry designer Ted Noten believes a woman would need during a survival scenario.

Playing into many women’s obsession with fashion, the pieces integrate style as well as survival functionality into one. At first glance, each fashion accessory, ranging from sunglasses to purses, looks just like the white plastic item it is meant to be. Hidden in small compartments, the accessories reveal their true identity, which are items that can be used for the purpose of defense and protection. Noten used 3D-printing technology and added hand-made fine details such as gold and rare gems to create his art pieces.

The intent of the 7 Necessities art project is not only to reinvent traditional female beauty items, but is also intended to question whether digital design and production can be considered proportionate to traditional craftsmanship.