From Geeky Superhero Boutonnieres to Comic Book Wedding Invites

 - Jul 25, 2013
When it comes to planning your wedding ceremony, choosing decor and a theme to match your personalty and style is important, which is why these nerdy wedding essentials are perfectly suited for any couple with a common interest in video games and Sci-Fi references.

Getting married to your special someone is a momentous occasion, which is why choosing to acquire wedding decorations and accessories that reflect your interest in movies or pop culture is a great way to make your ceremony more personalized and unique. Why not showcase your love for intergalactic movies or video games by outfitting your wedding with the most adorably geeky accessories around?

From boutonnieres shaped like Stormtroopers to comic book invitations and Star Wars cakes, these nerdy wedding essentials will definitely have any geeky couple bursting with pride.