Homer Liwag Designed Star Wars Invitations for His Wedding

To make your wedding invitations one-of-a-kind, get inspired by this 'May the 4th' Star Wars invitation from designer Homer Liwag.

As a fan of Star Wars, particularly its design, he knew he wanted to incorporate a Star Wars theme in his wedding. He describes his invitations as "part puzzle, part museum piece," as they aren't simply just an invitation with Star Wars graphics. Instead, when guests received the invitation in the mail, they are faced with a puzzle in the form of a black box with a message on it. Once opened, a Star Wars toy ship is revealed with the interactive words "Take Off." Guests must take off the ship to find the details about the wedding.

Whether you're a Star Wars fan or not, these invitations are amazing, and they are the perfect guidelines for you and your fiancé to make invitations based on your interests.