From Toy-Inspired Pill Reminders to Alarming Pill Boxes

 - Jan 13, 2014
One of the biggest challenges of growing older is having to take medication, but what’s worse is remembering to take it each day—fortunately there are tons of clever pill box designs that are easily accessible and can help with with a bad memory.

GlowCaps pill dispensers have a three-step reminder system that ranges from a blinking alert to playing a song and finally, a text message reminder. This is like having your own personal nurse making sure that you take your medication regularly and on time, which is particularly helpful if you do have a complicated medication schedule.

The EasyPill is another hi-tech pill box that uses a similar system, but takes it a step further by being connected to a cloud, which gives medical professionals a look into a patient’s regimen.

For something a little more lo-tech, Unika’s Pill Reminder is a simple device that holds your medication as well as your toothbrush, since brushing your teeth is likely something that you already do more than once a day.